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Jackson Egress Windows has been a leading provider of basement egress windows in the Columbus, Ohio area for over ten years. Most of our work comes from customers by word-of-mouth. We decided it is time to reward all of you!

We have released a new app that allows you to earn commissions for sharing your experiences with the company. The app, which is available as an instant PWA app on iOS and Android devices, includes blogging tools and a trackable link generator, with a story-maker in the works!

We wanted to create a way for our customers to share their stories about the benefits of having an egress window. We also wanted to reward them for their efforts. This app allows them to do both.

The blogging tools allow users to create blog posts about their experiences, and the trackable link generator allows users to share a link to their story or blog post with friends and family.

Soon, the story maker in the app will allow users to create videos or text--and-image-based web stories about their experience with Jackson Egress Windows and embed them on any website or blog.

For every successful installation or sale that results from a referral, the user who shared the link will earn a commission. The amount of the commission will vary depending on the type of referral and the amount of the sale.

We believe that this app is a win-win for everyone involved. Our customers get rewarded for sharing their stories, and we get more exposure for our company. It's a great way to build relationships with our customers and to grow our business in a way which benefits people in our local community.

The Jackson Egress Windows app is available for free download from Google Play, with a iOS app planned for next month. However, iOS users do not have to wait. The app can also be installed from any browser with no added drag on your device using the new Progressive Web App technology, both on Android and iOS.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Jackson Egress Windows app:

Earn commissions for sharing your experience with the company.

Create videos or text-based stories about your experience, and share on any social platform, being sure to insert your unique link.

Publish blog posts about your experience. Track the success of your referrals.

Connect with other Jackson Egress Windows customers, pool funds to reduce shipping costs, and even promote your own company within a local, community-driven network.

If you're looking for a way to earn money and share your experience with Jackson Egress Windows, then download the app today!



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